May 292021

Channel Rescan for Ferguson Arvia satellite receivers

A guide to how to scan for channels on a Ferguson Ariva satellite receiver.

This is useful for when channels change frequencies, as this box will NOT automatically update to the new frequencies.

(This is annoying, as some installers sold these Ferguson Ariva boxes as Freesat boxes, which they are not Freesat boxes. If they were Freesat boxes, then they would have the Freesat logo on them, with the Freesat 7 day programme guide, and automatic channel updates!)

– Press the menu button on the remote

– Use arrow buttons to go to installation menu

– Arrow down to antennae connection and press OK

– Ensure this says Fixed Antennae

– Press the back button

– Arrow down to satellite list and press OK

– Arrow down to Astra2A E28.2 and press OK (little heart symbol will appear beside it)

– Press the back button

– Arrow down to single satellite search and press OK

– Use arrow keys to select

– Satellite Astra 2

– FTA Only: Yes – this ensures that on the the free channels are scanned. No need for the pay channels to be scanned, since they are unavailable on this box

– Scan Channel: TV + Radio

– Network Search: Yes – this will update the frequency data table in the box with any new activate frequencies found on the satellite

– Scan Mode: Blind Scan

– Arrow down to search and press OK

– And wait. The scan will take 5-10 minutes, maybe longer

– At end of search, just press OK to save scanned channels

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