Jun 102021

The June 2021 Software Release (5.4.1.p7_ui_1.3.8) is now available and will be automatically installed on Freesat 4K TV Boxes.

The updates adds a few new features, and some fixes… but not a fix for the HDR problem, which i understand is more of a hardware issue than a software issue!

New features

– BBC Connected Red Button services now available (via the internet, users in Spain will need a VPN at router level for this to work)
– Nightly reboot now also available when the box is in active standby mode
– Removed “Watch live/Watch live in HD” and “Watch from the start” options from the recordings menu to improve user experience
– Added the “Info” icon to the EPG so customers know how to expand the synopsis
– Added the ability to navigate +/- 24h from Now & Next screen with the Fast Forward & Rewind buttons

Other fixes and improvements

– Fixed recording playback issue where customers were presented with audio only
– Improved reliability of Reminders
– Fixed missing recordings on power loss
– Fixed loss of audio after exiting YouTube
– All channel names clearly displayed on the home screen across all regions
– Ensured customers are returned to last tuned channel when bringing the box out of standby
– Improvements to recordings clash management
– Addressed Audio and Video loss when box comes out of standby
– Improved stability when transitioning in and out of standby
– Plus other minor bug fixes and improvements

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