Aug 312021

Below is a easy to use table showing the new Sky channels, and the new Sky channel numbers that will come into effect on the 1st September 2021.

Your Sky box will automatically update with the new channels

Channel NameNew channel numberOld channel number (where applicable)
Sky Showcase HD106Replaces Sky One HD
Sky Witness HD107Unchanged
Sky Atlantic HD108 (109 Wales)Unchanged
Sky Max HD113 (114 Wales)
Sky Comedy HD114 (115 Wales)113
Sky Documentaries HD121114
Sky Crime HD122121
Sky History HD123Unchanged
Sky Nature HD124Unchanged (only recently moved to 124)
Sky Arts HD130122
Sky Replay145Unchanged
E! HD151Unchanged
SYFY HD152Unchanged
Sky History 2 HD163Unchanged
Sky Crime+1222221
Sky Showcase SD806Replaces Sky One SD
Sky Max SD813
Sky Comedy SD814813
Sky Documentaries SD819814
Sky Crime SD820819
Sky History SD821820
Sky Arts SD826820



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