Oct 232021

Channel 4 has said that subtitles will soon be restored to several platforms and high-profile programmes, like The Great British Bake Off and The Last Leg, after weeks-long disruption, the we reported HERE.

Channel 4 have said that “intensive engineering work” will mean that live text subtitles would begin to return for viewers on Sky, Virgin Media and Freeview.

Freesat users will have to wait a bit longer for subtitles to return as Channel 4 distributes content to that platform “in a different way that is not resolved by this change”. (Reports suggest that this is because Freesat uses digital subtitles, most satellite channels use the old analogue subtitles system (similar to teletext) which Sky boxes can handle but Freesat cannot)

Channel 4s on demand service, All4, should now begin to see subtitles on flagship programmes.

Hundreds of hours of Channel 4 programming have been affected by the outage, which began when fire suppression devices destroyed hard disks at a west London broadcast centre on 25 September. Channel 4 said audio description and sign-language services “will remain unavailable until we move to the new system that is being built and tested”.


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