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Sky+HD boxes – some boxes not updated with correct GMT / BST time change — 4 Comments

  1. Reports are that Sky have identified the cause of the Sky+HD clock issue.
    They are currently testing a fix.
    However, there is a possibility that this may take a few days before boxes are updated with the fix.

  2. From Sky : “We are aware that some customers with Sky+ boxes are seeing British Summer Time shown in the Sky Guide menu following the seasonal clock change. We are investigating this and should be resolved by Thursday 4th November. We have verified that the impact appears limited to the wrong time being shown in the clock. Watching live TV, recordings, and downloading and playing Video On Demand are working correctly. Sorry for any inconvenience this may be causing.”

  3. Update from Sky : The developers were engaged at the earliest possible stage once all background checks narrowed it down to being a box problem not backend. The area of code had been identified Sunday morning and a new software build started which incorporated the fix was in progress on Sunday afternoon.

  4. SOLVED : new software has been released. You can either perform a manual forced software update, or wait for the box to do this automatically on early Thursday morning

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