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Intelsat 901 (was 907) at 27.5 West – Signal disruption — 10 Comments

  1. I think the drop outs in the intelsat service may be something to do with Arqiva doing tests on the masts at Bilsdale
    The tests, which started this week, will allow Arqiva’s engineers to check the new antennas are working correctly and delivering the expected coverage. As both the temporary tower and the new 300 metre mast will use the same frequencies, both masts can’t broadcast on the same frequency at the same time. As services are temporarily switched from mast to mast, brief interruptions and loss of signal are expected.

  2. Not sure about there, but in Málaga area we’re losing the signal during the daytime for the last 2 or 3 days or so.
    Same issue as a month ago

    • The issue last month was apparently them changing things on the satellite.
      Only seen reports from a handful of people recently who say they are having issues, with many saying no issues and all OK.
      One who said they had an issue just bumped the dish a bit, and into a better alignment, and signals increased.
      So sounds like, if there has been a small drop in the signals (either from the satellite or the heat and humidity) , we are seeing people losing signals as perhaps their dishes are not as well aligned as they should be, or their LNBs need replacing..

  3. So good to read about the issues of the past month or 6 weeks regarding drop out of signal. It’s been happening in my area(near Marbella) and driving me crazy. At any time of the day or night. The picture freezes, pixelates or just says no signal. Duration can be seconds, minutes or hours. I had the position checked after some storms and it was fine for a week or so. Now, with the extreme heat it’s happening again.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope that all the equipment lasts a bit longer.
    Very frustrating, but good to know what’s actually going on!
    Thank you.

    • Some people have been reporting issues with this service this past week or so. This is different to the issue a few weeks ago, when the signal was simply not being transmitted for a few hours.
      It seems this weeks issues are that the signal levels have dropped.
      This could be either down to the heat and humidity causing less signals getting through the atmosphere to your dish, or the satellite power has been reduced to save its lifespan, and thus signal levels are lower.

      • Will be good to know when the satellite companies decide what to do.
        This evening from about 9pm the reception was stable, whereas during the morning and afternoon it was impossible to view any programmes due to the interference.
        Logically, it would seem that it the constant heat that is having an adverse effect!

        • But the satellite company does not have to say to the general public what it is doing… especially when the satback service is NOT for public use, and there are so few other services on that satellite anyway.
          Of course, getting a larger satellite dish may help getting more signal…

          • Miracles do happen! Since last Wednesday,there have been no more interruptions, no freezing, no messages of no signal …..and all without lifting a finger! The dish is still the same, the rest of the equipment too. Nothing has been adjusted. It’s all back to normal. Hopefully, it will last!

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