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BBC SATBACk on Intelsat 901 at 27.5°W moving satellites? — 6 Comments

  1. Something else is different with the new broadcast. I can manually input VPID, APID, Video Modulation and Biss Control Word on my Technomate receiver and have no problems catching 27.5W from the UK.

    But over at 15W no signal on this new muxx, however my Octagon receiver (which I cant manually do PIDs on without PC/Laptop channel editor or similair) has a strong signal on 11043 V.

    It is not an exact copy of 27.5W, I think the Modulation has changed in some way.

    • I’m in Altea area, and using an Icecrypt 1600 receiver for Intelsat 901/907, with an 85cm dish. In previous winters the signal has been excellent, but this year I am experiencing a lot of signal break up. The signal strength and quality are all excellent 90/75 and should give good reception, but the bottom line on the signal meter jumps about from 75 down to 60 and back. Sometimes the signal is stable giving perfect reception, other times it’s not.

      Any one else experiencing these symptoms..

      • None that i know of. But then in Altea most with satellite have the right size of dish to get all the UK TV channels from Astra 2, which i dare say you will have to do very soon when the satback channels are removed from I901

        • I used to bring a big dish for Astra2, but recently have relied on IS907. Looks like i may need to dust off the big dish. This year I have a Starlink system, so have belting good internet, combined with a VPN and fire stick, I have a back up for tv. Im a bit old school, and have not been into streaming tv in the past, but must admit what with live tv, catch up tv, Netflix etc, and no weather wipe outs it’s is growing on me, so that is probably the way to go.

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