Developer options missing on Firestick / FireTV Devices and how to get them back

To be able to install apps from outside the official Amazon Appstore on your Firestick / FireTV device, you need to enable “Developer Options”.

Prior to June 2022, Amazon kept the Developer Options menu visible by default.

Post June 2022, the Developers Menu is now hidden by default.

But you can still activate the menu by a few remote control button presses.

Click here to view a simple guide as to “how to get them back missing Developer options setting on Firestick / FireTV Devices”


To unlock the Developer Options menu:

1. Select the gear icon / settings menu on your Fire TV’s home screen.

2 . In settings, Select “My Fire TV.”

This is normally where the Developer Option menu should be found.

3. In the “My Fire TV” menu, select “About.”

4. On the “About” page, make sure you are on the first menu item (which is your Fire TV device’s name).

5. Press Select seven times.

6. When you do this, you will see a countdown at the bottom of the screen telling you when the menu will be unlocked.

7. After seven times the message at the bottom of the screen says “No Need, You Are Already a Developer,”

8. your Developer Options menu is unlocked.

9. Back up once to the “My Fire TV” page and you’ll see the newly visable “Developer Options” menu.

You can open this menu to then enable features like ADB debugging and the ability to install applications from outside the official Amazon Appstore.