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Freeview FAQs

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Is Freeview available in Spain?

No. Freeview is not available in Spain.

You cannot get Freeview in Spain.

Freeview is a UK ONLY TERRESTRIAL service – via a tv aerial. Freeview is not available outside the UK, as none of the UK terrestrial signals, transmitted from the land based TV mast like Emley Moor and Crystal Palace, are strong enough to reach over here. The nearest Freeview transmitter is in Cornwall!

However, you should be able to receive The Spanish verequivalent of Freeview is TDT.

For more information see Freeview TV in Spain


Will my UK FREEVIEW box / receiver work in Spain?

Many UK Freeview TV boxes do work in Spain, but there maybe issues.

UK Freeview boxes may not be able to change programmes into their original audio soundtrack / language. This is because some UK Freeview boxes are programmed to look for English, Welsh and Gaelic language “tags”, where as in Spain they use different language tags like “Dos” or “VO” (Version Original), or “Multi” or “Und”. However Sony Entertainment TV (SET) and The Disney Channel do use an “English” tag.


Will my UK television with FREEVIEW inbuilt work in Spain?

See above. Some new flat screen TV are capable of being used throughout Europe, and have the ability to change their country settings, making them compatible with the various broadcasting standards used in the various European countries. If the television has a generic digital receiver, then you should have not problems in receiving the Spanish TDT digital television service, although a television with a Freeview only receiver may struggle as mentioned above.