Spanish TV FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Spanish TV FAQs

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Will my UK Freeview receiver get Spanish TV channels in Spain?

Many UK Freeview TV boxes do work in Spain.

However some UK Freeview boxes may not be able to change programmes into their original audio soundtrack / language. This is because some UK Freeview boxes are programmed to look for English, Welsh and Gaelic language “tags”, where as in Spain they use different language tags like “Dos” or “VO” (Version Original), or “Multi” or “Und”.


Will my UK television with FREEVIEW inbuilt work in Spain?

See above. Some new LCD and plasma flat screen TV are capable of being used throughout Europe, and have the ability to change their country settings, making them compatible with the various broadcasting standards used in the various European countries. If the television has a generic digital receiver, then you should have not problems in receiving the Spanish TDT digital television service, although a television with a Freeview only receiver may struggle as mentioned above.


Can you pick up / receive Spanish Digital TDT TV via dish?

TDT is a terrestrial TV service, meaning it is only receivable using a TV aerial.

Most TDT channels are available on satellite, with a subscription to Digital+, the Spanish satellite broadcasting company.

However, TDT signals are distributed to the local TV transmitter aerials via satellite – Hispasat 30degrees west of south. These TDT satellite signals are currently encrypted. It is possible, under certain conditions, that people living in areas where there is no TDT coverage by the land based transmitters, that they can apply for a special receiver that allows access to the TDT channels via satellite. TDTsat.


What channels can I get on TDT (Spanish Freeview)?

Spanish digital television (TDT) provides access to around 20 to 30 digital television channels. The actually number of channels available will depend on your location and what channels are actually being transmitted by your nearest TDT transmitter.

Compared to the analogue channels, these digital channels give you crystal clear pictures and sound.

For more information see TDT Channels in Spain


When does Spanish TV go digital?

It already has.

The final phase of analogue television signals being switched off was in 2010.


What UK TV channels does Spanish digital TDT TV have?

Spanish TDT does not carry any UK TV channels. TDT only carries Spanish TV channels.

However, may of the TDT channels do show a number of US and UK imported TV programmes, which may be available to be watched in the English language.


Can I get HD TV channel on TDT Spanish TV?

Yes. Several Spanish TV channel are broadcast in HD. TVE, La Sexta, Antenna 3, and Telecinco all have HD channels.

You will require a HD TDT receiver, or a HD TV with a built in HD TDT tuner.


What is the frequency for Spanish TV.

Most Spanish TV channels are on the same frequency across the whole of SPain.

However, there are some channel that may be on different frequencies, so what frequency a channel is on will depend on which area and mast you are aligning your TV Aerial to.

Spanish TV channel Frequencies.