Trains in Spain – FGV Tram – Alicante to Denia

Alicante to Denia Tram Train

The Tram / Ferrocarril de la Generalitat Valenciana ( FGV ) is the only railway running North from Alicante (Alicante) along the Costa Blanca coast to Denia. It is a local Narrow Gauge coastal railway stopping at most coastal towns and resorts including Benidorm. Alicant (Alicante) – Benidorm – Denia tram / train is a private small gauge railway

The Alicant (Alicante) – Denia line runs for 93 km along the northern coast of the province of Alicante and has 40 stations and halts. It is served by 13 diesel trains which operate on the regular line between Venta Lanuza and Denia and 5 trams which cover the Alicante – El Campello route, via the TRAM Metropolitano train-tram platform.

The line is split into 2 sections as it is being modernised and converted from Diesel to Electric. The Tram is the modernised electrified section of the line that runs from central Alicante Market (Alicant) to Venta Lanuza.

The FGV is the older diesel train section of the line that runs from Venta Lanuza to Denia. With a change of trains at Benidorm for passengers going further North past Benidorm.

•30 minute service between Alicant (Alicante) and Benidorm
•Hourly service between Benidorm and Denia.
•Night trains (El Trensnochador) run Thusdays Fridays and Saturday nights in July, August and early September 9pm to 5am.

The “Limon Express” is a train for (mainly foreign) tourists, running daily between Benidorm and Gata, and formed of a former shunting locomotive built in 1959 for the CD coupled to replica coaches reminiscent of an earlier era but actually the newest stock on the line, having been constructed during the early 1990s using completely new bodies on a motley assortment of refurbished bogie chassis. Not that this matters to the vast majority of its patrons, who enjoy the free and plentiful cava served on the return journey.

Please NOTE:

•Passengers may usually have to change from train to tram at El Campello station
•When on a train or tram Signal the driver you wish the train to stop at the next stop – Press the Yellow Button, near the door – note The button and a sign in the carriage illuminates when this has been done.
•Press the Green button to open the doors
•A separate rail network from the FGV is the RENFE national railway whose trains run from a separate station connecting Alicante to the rest of Spain excluding the Costa Blanca north of Alicante which is covered by the FGV network.


FGV Tram Alicante to Denia Stations

Line 1 of the FGV Tram runs from Alicante to Benidorm.

Line 9 of the FGV Tram runs from Benidorm to Denia.

Stations along Line 1 and Line 9 can be found here


FGV Tram Alicante to Denia Timetable

You can view the FGV Tram Alicante to Denia Timetable for line 1 and Line 9 here

You can view the FGV Tram Denia to Alicante Timetable for line 1 and Line 9 here


Tram Price (correct at Nov 2015 ):

We inform our customers that, from zero hours on the 1st of January, 2016 new fares will apply both in Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV) and in the TAM system (Transport Alacant Metropolita) in Alicante

TRAM Fares (FGV)
zonas1  Zona*2 zonas3 zonas4 zonas5 zonas6 zonas
Billete sencillo1,35 €2,50 €3,75 €4,85 €6,05 €7,15 €
2,30 €4,25 €6,40 €8,25 €10,30 €12,20 €
Grupos 40%0,85 €1,50 €2,25 €2,95 €3,65 €4,30 €
Pensionista  50%1,35 €1,35 €1,90 €2,45 €3,05 €3,60 €
Bono 107,60 €14,00 €21,00€27,20 €33,90 €40,05 €
Bono 3021,50 €39,75 €59,65 €77,15 €96,20 €113,70 €
T.A.T Gent Major
Todas las zonas
 Mensual 10,00 € Anual 89,95 €
MobilitatTodas las zonas Mensual 10,00 € Anual 89,95 €