View Full Version : Frequently Asked Questions about Satellite TV on The Costa Blanca and Spain

  1. "I heard recently that the EU says I can use my Sky card in Spain?"
  2. The Default Transponder Frequency setting on a Sky box
  3. Whats the frequency for Sky TV in Spain? Whats the frequency for Freesat TV in Spain?
  4. Will my Sky viewing card work in Spain?
  5. This is the wrong card for this set top box on screen message
  6. What are the best Sky frequency codes to use?
  7. Is Sky Atlantic on Freesat?
  8. What is the best frequencies to use in Spain for Channel 4 on satellite TV
  9. What are the frequencies for BBC TV on the Costa Blanca Spain?
  10. How much does Sky TV cost in Spain?
  11. UK HD channels in Spain
  12. Can I use a Freeview box in Spain?
  13. Freesat From Sky TV cards - what channels do the unscramble?
  14. Sky TV in Gandia
  15. Performing a Sky digibox system software update in Spain
  16. Why am i no longer receiving BBC HD on Sky
  17. Can I use a Sky box in Spain?
  18. How to get Sky News on Freesat? What is the Sky news Frequency on Freesat?
  19. Satellite signal fade at night in Spain and loss of satellite TV channels at night
  20. How do I tune Sky HD in Spain
  21. How to get ITV2 on Sky in Spain?
  22. Sky stopping cards working?
  23. UK TV and Sky TV in towns around the Costa Blanca, Valencia region of Spain
  24. What are the free to air satellite frequency numbers for Sky TV in Spain?
  25. "I have no signal quality on my Sky dish in Spain."
  26. Channel 5 on Freesat in Costa Blanca Spain
  27. Can I get Spanish TV on Freesat in Spain?
  28. Does BBC Iplayer require a TV Licence in the UK?
  29. How do I add Freesat channels to Sky?
  30. What is the frequency for Channel Five on Sky TV?
  31. Why can't Brits get Sky TV in Spain?
  32. Will my Freeview box work in Spain?
  33. No Signal Being Received for Channel Five? Help Please
  34. Can I take my uk sky card to Spain and use it in my box there?
  35. Fox Movies and Fox Series on Nilesat and Arabsat Frequencies
  36. I am travelling to Spain on holiday, will Sky Go work on my Ipad in Spain?
  37. Which High Definition (HD) channels can I receive for FREE by Sky HD and Freesat HD?
  38. Whats the difference between SkyHD and Sky+HD
  39. Does a Sky HD digibox or a Freesat HD set top box improve reception in Spain?
  40. What is the frequency setting for Challenge TV on Freesat?
  41. How do I access the secret Sky Installers set up menu?
  42. What set up do I need for Sky TV Spain?
  43. What is my Sky Pin Number?
  44. Does my Sky Box have to be connected to the phone line?
  45. The channels I stored in "Other Channels" have gone
  46. How can I watch the Irish channels such as RTE and 3E?
  47. Can I watch American Channels, like NBC HBO and Fox in Europe
  48. Can I receive any Spanish channels on Sky?
  49. Why cant i get some TV listings on my Sky HD box in Spain
  50. Can you get Sky channels on freesat
  51. Can I receive Spanish TV using my Sky digibox?
  52. Why has BBC News changed to BBC Alba on freesat?