View Full Version : Sky listings problem

7th December 2008, 11:26 AM
I am only getting listings of TV programms for about 6 hours ahead on only one day.

In the UK listings appeared for 7 days ahead.

Everything else works fine on the Sky Box and i have all channells.

Any ideas why this is happening?


7th December 2008, 12:28 PM
it means that you are not picking up the frequency that the Sky Guide uses for its information.
if you were picking up this frequency, then the epg would load up 7 days, and you get the EPG backgound music.

this frequency is 11778 - ie the default tansponder, whose reception around Spain varies greatly - in my area i MAY loose it at around 3 - 6pmish...

but even if you change the default transponder to any other frequency this will not help you - as everytime you press Sky Guide, Box Office, Interactive or Services on the remote, the box always looks at 11778...so it can try to play the backgound music.