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18th September 2010, 04:12 PM
Default Transponder Frequency Settings for Spain
Resetting your Sky Receiver after powercut

When a Sky digibox firsts booted up, like after a power cut, then the first thing the Sky digibox requires to allow it to function is at least 6 hours of EPG information. It looks for this data on the Default transponder frequency of 11778.
This default transponder frequency settingscan have poor reception in Spain, and therefore the receiver will not be able to find the information it requires and therefore will not work - giving the message "No satellite Signal is Being Received".

Changing the default transponder to another frequency will allow the receiver to get the information it requires to function.

What to do if you are getting the message "No Satellite signal is being received" on yuor Sky digibox in Spain

1.This usually means that your Digibox is blocked and you are unable to receive the signals it requires. This usually occurs after power cuts or other interruptions to the Digibox power supply.

2.Remove the power cable from the Digibox only. This can be found on the back of the Digibox, and is normally a black cable on either the extreme left or right of the Digibox. Reinsert the power cable after 30 seconds.

3.Turn on the Digibox.

4.On the Sky remote control press the SERVICES button

5.On the Sky remote control press 401 (four zero one) and then the SELECT button.

6.If the above has been done correctly you should see the Installer Setup Menu screen. If you do not see the Installer Setup Menu screen then start this process again.

7.Press "2" on your Sky remote control.

8.If done correctly should be looking at the Default Transponder screen.

9.On the Sky remote control press 12129 (one two one two nine). This will change the default FREQUENCY to 12.129.

Default Transponder Frequency Changes : If you use 12129 as the Default Transponder Frequency setting, then on the 31st May 2012, this frequency was not carrying any channels, and no longer helped in booting a Sky box up. You can use an alternate Frequency code of 12207 v 27.5 2/3

10.Ensure that the default POLARIZATION is "V".

Ensure that the default SYMBOL RATE is "27.5".

Ensure that the default FEC is "2/3".

11.On the Sky remote control press the DOWN ARROW button three times and then press SELECT. This will SAVE NEW SETTINGS and return you to the Installer Setup Menu screen.

12.On the Sky remote control press the BACK UP button until you exit all the menus.

If done correctly the time will appear on the white bar, and picture will shortly reappear - try channel 501 (Sky News).

No matter what people tell you changing this default transponder does not increase how long channels are available. It is only used to "assist" the receiver to boot up. It is normal for the Default Transponder to revert back to 11778 once the receiver is functioning.