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8th June 2012, 09:44 AM
In a few weeks i am going to Oliva (opposite Ibiza) and will be staying until Xmas. Will go mad without UK tv so am planning to install Freesat.
Is it best to take Freesat box (only require SD as tv is CRT) and maybe the LNB and buy dish, cable etc in Spain. If yes any recommondations
on make and model of box and/or LNB. Any other suggestions welcome, just want to end up with common BBC and ITV channels.

8th June 2012, 11:08 AM
Hi and welcome.

I have moved your post to the Freesat section of the forum, where it sits better.

Yes, Freesat boxes will be cheaper to buy in the Uk, so it may help if you are in the UK to buy on in the UK. I like the Manhattens and Grundigs.

I can supply and install a 1mx90cm dish, with a high performing LNB and cabling for 150 euros.

But note that although BBC and ITV are currently available on this sized dish, with the launch of a new satellite towards the end of the year, it may well be that by mid November or December, BBC and ITV channels may no longer be avauilable on this size dish. What size dish you will requrie is unknown until the new satellite is up and operational - even if some other "installers" are suggesting install 1.8m 1.9m dishes and you will be OK. No one knows for sure and a 1,.8m 1.9m dish may still not be big enough.

11th June 2012, 09:07 AM
Thanks for info. Sorry for posting twice, but each time i clicked button to post thread, after a delay i got a screen full of error messages and assumed it had failed. Just logged on to try again and saw i had been successful.

11th June 2012, 06:54 PM
No problems.
I have been aware that some posts have been failing, and this finally pushed me iinto action to fix it.

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