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3rd September 2012, 10:25 AM
Hi, firstly, let me say hello to all forum members out there. My name is Gary and although still living and working in England, I have a house in Tenerife which I use as often as possible.
I have two ways of watching TV in Tenerife, firstly, I use a VPN on a computer which allows me to watch BBC Iplayer and the like. My other was is through a SKYHD+ box, but on this visit I cannot get the box to pick up a signal. I have tried the recommended transponder codes such as 12207 but I still get "no sat signal received". This leads me to think my 80cm dish is now out of alighnment of faulty lnb or something else.
However, just before I call out an engineer I was wondering if anyone has any further suggestions.
One point to note which I cannot understand:
If i set up transponder 12207, V, i get nothing. However, if I set up the same transponder but this time use H, the time sets on the box and a channel line up appears, although against each channel is says searching for listings. If I change it back to V, I lose the channel line up! This suggests to me I am getting something from my dish?

Can anyone offer any help?



3rd September 2012, 12:23 PM
Hello and welcome.

Well, it sound like either your Sky boxes LNB settings may not be correct or your LNB is on its way out.

Why? Well, there is nothing on 12207 H on the UK TV satellites. There are no frequencies close to 12207 on the horizontals - i have just tried 12207 h and get "no signal messages" - the reverse of your problem). So if you are using 12207 H and getting a date and time, but not on 12207 V (which is the Sky news frequency) then that points to an LNB polarisation issue.

YOu can check the LNB settings on the SKy box via services , 0, 0, 1, select. You can, by pressing the red button, reset the LNB settings in the LNB settings page, then green to save.

Or failing that then either your have some short in your cable, or, as you suspect, your LNB is not working correctly and not switching polarities correctly.