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20th January 2009, 03:05 PM
Hi, I have bought a Multimediaplayer that has TDT in-built. I have also bought an aerial that is supposed to be capable of receiving both analogue and digital signals. When I scan for channels, I receive no hits. The MediaPlayer has the option to select the country and I've made sure it's set to Spain but I don't find any channels.

I am using some COAX that was connected to a Sat dish - tried a couple of different pieces of cable with no luck. I realise that the cable may not be ideal and that the aerial itself might be faulty but shouldn't I at least receive some signal - even if the reception quality is poor?

If so, what other simple things could I try before I start to suspect the Multimedia player as being the cause of the problem?

20th January 2009, 06:19 PM

firstly is your tv aerial configured for digital or analog signals....
you cannot really use one aerial for both systems, hence why houses have two aerials in different polarizations.

you may also need a mast amplifer and power supply to help amplify the TDT signals.

are you pointing the aerial in the corrrect direction?

check you cable - check any connections along the cable....

20th January 2009, 10:40 PM
Excuse my ignorance but when you say "configured" for digital or analog signals, do you mean 'positioned' to receive one or the other?
As far as I know, the aerial can receive both types of signal and I am unaware of any other type of configuration that's possible on the aerial apart from the positioning of it.

I don't have a mast amplifier but wouldn't I be able to get some kind of signal - albeit a very bad one - even without amplification?
I'm reluctant to pay for additional equipment only to later discover that the aerial and/or tuner is the problem.

I may be pointing the aerial in the wrong direction. I checked on www.tdt.es (http://www.tdt.es) with my Post Code but I am only pointing the aerial in 'roughly' the direction of where the transmitter is. Does this have to be more accurately aligned as it is with Satellite systems using some metering equipment?

The cable and connections appear to be OK visually. How can I tell for sure that it's the right cable for the job and that's it doesn't need replacing.

Thanks for your help.

21st January 2009, 07:28 AM
yes an aerial can receive both analogue and digitals....but not really at the same time.
many analogue channels require the polarisation of the aerial to be vertical....whereas the polarisation for digital channels is horizontal...

so, like i said, thats why many spanish houses have two aerials, configurede for the two different polarizations.

a tv aerial configured for analogue will not get all of the digital channels, and vice versa.

the attached image shows an aerial configured for TDT

yes you should be able to get some sort of signal even without a signal amplifer

ideally the aerial should have line of site to the transmitter, and be pointing directly at the transmitter. misalignment will result in not all cahnneels being available.

dont justs check the cables visually, take them apart and check the actual cable instide the conenctions....