View Full Version : Weather related Freeview reception problems

8th July 2013, 07:42 AM
The current high pressure system and atmospheric conditions over the UK have affected terrestrial TV reception in some areas, making reception of Freeview more difficult.

The current atmospheric conditions are helping signals from further afield reach viewer's aerials, interfering with reception. Very little can be done to improve reception in the short-term.

The atmospheric conditions may make retuning Freeview more difficult than usual on some receivers. This is because you may actually be receiving additional services from distant transmitters that are more prone to break-up as atmospheric conditions change.

This may be true for some viewers who recently retuned to get the new Drama channel on Freeview channel 20. The Freeview receiver may have stored usually unreceivable distant signals instead of channels from the local transmitter. This may be solved with a manual retune.