View Full Version : PIN required to watch freesat movies

15th August 2013, 11:59 AM
Last night I turned over to 5STAR specifically but then onto other non Sky movie channels only to find that a PIN was required to view. I was using my Skybox which has a White card. I did not try on my other hookup that uses a Freesat box and no card. What do I do please to find such a PIN? Does the request for a PIN only happen on the Skybox or any receiver? Thank you. Mick

15th August 2013, 05:30 PM
Some channels (both Sky Pay and non Sky Pay) broadcast 15 rated movies and programmes during the day - before the "watershed".

Sky uses its card to try and restrict viewing of such movies by use of the PIN number.
If an 15 or 18 rated movies is to be watched before 8pm or 9pm, then it will ask you for a PIN number.
The PIN number is usually the last 4 digits of your Sky contracts original viewing card...this may not be the last 4 digits of your current viewing card. Nor will it be the last 4 digits if anyone has changed the PIN number on the card. If you do not know your cards PIN, then you will have to contact Sky to get them to reset it.

Where as for the same "free to air" channels, a Freesat boxes use the Adult Viewing Restrictions options - which you can change in the Freesat box menu.