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John Ruddy
9th August 2014, 12:02 PM

You previously helped me when I ‘lost’ one TV channel. I wonder if you could do so again now.

Two days ago I was able to watch my TV normally. I received a good and strong signal on all channels. Yesterday, and again today, I found that I have ‘lost’ reception of a number of channels. The remaining channels still provide a good and strong signal so I doubt that my equipment is faulty. – Is it possible these ‘lost’ channels have been moved to a new location overnight and I need to install them again? If so, could you provide the new transponder settings for me? – I have searched your site for an answer prior to writing but all the information I have found seems to suggest my current settings are correct.

My ‘lost’ channels are as follows: -

Channel Transponder / Settings

BBC1NWEST 10803/H/22000
BBC2England 10773/H/22000
BBC4 10773/H/22000
Channel4 10714/H/22000
More4+1 10714/H/22000
Channel5 10965/H/22000
Channel 5+1 10965/H/22000
5USA 10965/H/22000
5USA+1 10965/H/22000
5* 10965/H/22000
5*+1 10965/H/22000
Film4 10714/H/22000
Film4r+1 10714/H/22000
Movies4Men 12633/H/22000
Movies4Men+1 12633/H/22000
M>Movies+1 12633/H/22000
HorrorChannel 11261/H/27500
ZoneHorror+1 11222/H/27500
CBSAction 11222/H/27500
CBSReality 11344/H/27500
CBSReality+1 11261/H/27500

This is a total of 21 channels with signals emanating from 8 transponders.
I have ‘lost’ other channels which also come from these transponders but since they are channels I do not watch they are of no importance to me.
Can you please help?


John Ruddy
12th August 2014, 04:23 PM
Hi Guys,

Panic over. - This is incredible. - I worked up the courage to remove and dismantle my LNB. Inside I found a number of flower petals compressed into a ball and pushed against some fine needle points attached to the inside of the casing. I carefully removed the petals and found one needle to be bent whilst another had been broken. Presumably this was a nest of some sort constructed by insects, although no insects were present. I discussed what I had found with a satellite engineer who came to have a look. He confirmed that my channels had been lost because the LNB needle points had been broken off. - He actually found the broken point among the flower petals. - Anyway, a new LNB was fitted and 5 minutes later normal service was resumed.