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5th February 2011, 11:34 AM
Hi Guys

I currently watch BBC 1 in the evenings on Channel 977 which seems to be the strongest signal on SKY. However come 10pm the signal begins to break and the picture quality becomes poor.

Is there any other channel I can switch to, or is everyone just tolerating this?

FYI - I have a SKY Plus Box, 2.4m dish and live in Javea.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks

5th February 2011, 11:40 AM
Hi and welcome,

All BBC regions are in the Sky EPG already, from 971 upwards, so if you have tried all of these and you are still losing BBC, then:

your dish needs to be realigned
your LNB needs to be replaced
you cabling may be an issue
location could be an issue..has the dish a clear line of sight...(best way is to see then the shadow of the LNB is in the middle of the dish - 10-11am, and then remove anything else that is casting a shadow on the dish, like trees and shrubs.)

Also, some boxes perform better than other, and there are a number of makes and models of Sky+ boxes.
Pace 3100 and 470N are good, others, with the card slot in the middle of right ahnd side, tend not to be as good.

Also, if your original installer put a "attenuator" on the cable, take this off, as although it helps with some signals, it can ,make others, like the wekarer BBC signals, worse.

Or upgrade to a Sky HD box. as BBC1HD and BBCHD are on the frequency previously used (up to Oct/Nov 2010) by BBC1 Channel Islands, and was regarded as the best BBC frequency. All other BBC1 frequencies tend to be a bit weaker, and lose BBC1 about half an hour earlier!

Failing that give me a call, email, or PM, and I can come and have a look for you....(1.8/1.9 and 2.4m dish relaignments start from just 40euros!)

5th March 2011, 09:50 AM
Another suggestion is that at this time of year, the satellite is in "eclispe mode".

Basically the satellite goes into the Earth's shadow for a few hours, around March and October time. The satellite switches to battery power rather than solar and, supposeably the power output drops.