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13th August 2009, 07:05 PM
09:00 In the Hermitage of Santa Ana Holy Mass in suffrage of the deceased festive.
10:00 In the Company of festive"Breakfast of Llàgrima".
22:30 From the festive start of the Sociedade committee of the Board of Governors Primers trons, Charges Festival and Authorities, to the Plaza Mayor, which will be the laying of charges 2009. Acontinuación will take place onOpening Celebrations by Ms Benita Ferrero-Waldner.

12:00 VIII Old Car Rally from the Plaza de la Concepción.
15:30 In the field of Fuset Competition, and Skeet Hunting Tours.
22:30 In the Plaza MayorXXVI Rope Squad for Kids.

15:30 In the shooting range Fuset, Pigeon Shooting Competition.
17:30 On the street Altet de Sant Joan, Item of Pilota Valenciana.

12:00 Concurrent to Handles Cerverza and Waiters Race, in the Plaza de la Concepció.
16:00 Competition Shooting Quail delivered machine in the shooting range Fuset.
19:00 In the Plaza de la Vila,Music Concert festive by the Banda Sinfónica "Tot per la Musica" from Ontinyent.21:00 Receipt of Flags of the eight deputies of the Camino del Cidin Ontinyent. The parade will begin at the Pont Vell, and will continue through to the Plaça de Baix Plaza Mayor.
23:00 Concert of "Revolver" at the Municipal Sports Center.
23:30 Entertainment for all ages at the Roundabout, with the performance and Noelia Vicente Seguí Cano.
23:30 In the Company of festive,Music festive per a tots "

18:00 From the Plaza de la Concepción and the streets Gomis and Mayans,Entry of Bands. At the end of the Plaza Mayor all the bands along the march participants interpreted arrears "CHIMO" the great composer D. Jose María Ferrero Pastor. This year under the baton of director Tomas Garrido Fernandez.
23:30 Grand Parade "boasting" pasodoble on the rhythm of the streets and Almaig Daniel Gil.
01:00 In the gardens of the square, the orchestra will Glitter.

11:00 Child Entry Avenue by Daniel Gil
17:30 BeginINPUT SIDE OF CHRISTIAN to trigger a powerful case, deployment of real imagination and historical recreation of the triumphal marches are Christian. The captain has the Cides comparsa.
22:30StartINPUT SIDE OF MOROShowing all the magic, fantasy and oriental splendor with the parade of magnificent cadence marches blackberries. All in alluding to the showy choreography representation. The captain has the Mozarabic comparsa. Both avenues Almaig travel and Daniel Gil, finishing Pl Conception

07:30The beginningDianaCoronation Pl from passing through San Antonio, Capellans Les Eres, Dos de Maig, Gomis, Mayans and ending on the Plaza Mayor.
11:30 Starting the parade for the act of smuggling from Pl Conception, starring the comparsas Smugglers and Sailors.
12:00 Be held onContraband by the groups of sailors and smugglers in the Greater Pl.
13:30 Opening andXII Pregón Medieval Market in the neighborhood of Vila by Conejero Vicente Bellver (until 23h).. This market is open until Monday.
18:00 Descent of the Holy Christ of Agony, From the Hermitage of Santa Ana to the Parroquia de San Carlos.
01:00 Spectacular"Correfocs.
02:00 Castle Fireworks in the river (Pont Vell).
02:30 Tekila performance of the orchestra in the Gardens of Glorieta. Free Admission

06:30 Mass Campaign in Calle Mayor Paco Montes. At the end of the Mass from the confluence of streets Sant Josep-Dos de Maig, beginDiana Gala.
11:00 Medieval Market in La Vila (until 23h.)
11:30 Mass. Mayor in the Parish of San Carlos. At the end of the Mass, visit the Charitable Hospital Santo.
18:00 Solemn ProcessionFrom Dos de Maig street, the street meets Cerdà Francisco and San Antonio. Itinerary: Mayans, Plaza Mayor, Sant Jaume, Coronation Plaza, Sant Antoni, Dos de Maig, Plaza Design and Real to Calle Gomis Parroquia de San Carlos.
01:00Performance of theOrquesta Montecarlo on the promenade of La Glorieta. Free Admission

10:00 In the parish of San Carlos Real concelebrated Mass in honor of the Holy Christ of Agony.
11:00 Medieval Market in La Vila (until noon).
11:00 Parade of comparsas berries from the neighborhood of Cantereria comparsas and the Christian from the bridge of Santa Maria, arcabucería downloads.
12:00 EMBAJADA MORA Mayor in Pl. After the embassy and defeated the Christian army, a parade will start until the design Pl.
17:00 Parade of the groups from the Christian district of Cantereria comparsas and the berries from the bridge of Santa Maria, with arcabucería downloads.
18:00 CHRISTIAN EMBASSY and Final Parade through the streets and Mayans Gomis, ending at Plaza de la Concepción.

11:00 Dual Mass at the Royal Parish of San Carlos.
19:00 Ascent of the Blessed Christ. From the temple the image of the Holy Christ of Agony will be translated in solemn procession to the Ermita. Upon arrival fire was a castle of fireworks and the celebrations will conclude in 2009