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6th March 2011, 08:08 AM
We lost all signals apart from CBS about a week ago (I reckon I could get CBS even if I took the dish down)
I got up yesterday and re-alligned using a cheap little gadget which was reporting a nice strong signal.
However, we still do not have BBC. Signal strength on CBS is reporting 150 but nothing on BBC.
Do you have any ideas or suggestions please....

6th March 2011, 08:36 AM
Hi and welcome,

Did you lose EVERY channel apart from CBS - even Sky News and BBC News, or just some channels? What size dish are you using?

The cheap "beeper" can be used, but they are not accurate. A reading of 150 means little to me, as different meters, and siganls meters on digiboxes, all say different things. You will need to put your receiver onto a BBC1 channel, and use your beeper to align the dish to that. If yoour receiver is on another channel then the reading on the meter will be for that channel. As channels use different frequencies, and different satellites, althought you may have aligned the dish perfectlyt for CBS, and getting a 150 reading, the dish may not be aligned for BBC.

If you could not get any other channels before, and are still struggling, then perhaps you have an LNB issue, a receiver issue, or a cabling issue.

6th March 2011, 08:58 AM
To be honest we don't ever check Sky or BBC news so I cannot be sure about that. We have a1.9 dish sat on the top of our block of flats and it has been working fine. The 150 reading was actually from the digibox.
We had BBC1, channel4, itav, etc all before and I have got them all back now apart from BBC1. The cabling is fine, we have tried with two different digiboxes so I guess the issue isn't with them. The LNB is quite old now and it could possibly be giving me issues, I'm hoping not though.
Thanks for the tip re, alligning, I'll go back up later today with the digibox set to BBC1 and then try re-alligning again.
I'll come back with an update on how I get on.


John Ruddy
6th March 2011, 10:34 AM

" we still do not have BBC. "

Just a thought from a complete novice. - I also had problems that I have now cured with the help of this forum, (see my post re finding / installing channels).

My thought is this. - As you probably know the BBC broadcasts multiple 'regional' channels. Some time ago they moved various channels to different locations on the satellite. This meant that some regional channels could no longe be received in Spain. For example, I always used to watch BBC1 North West but that was lost so I now have to watch BBC1 via a different regional channel. - If all the regional channels are on different frequencies, and you cannot get the one you had before, perhaps it is because that channel is no longer avauilable and you will have to tune in to a different one.

Best of luck.


8th March 2011, 06:09 PM
This time I set my sky box to channel 987 for BBC1. I then went up and gave the dish a slight movement either way but I had nothing on the signal bar. I then went back inside and set the sky box to Channel 4 in other channels, back up to the dish and signal strength was very strong again so I've set it at that. We now have ITV which we manually added.
So no BBC anywhere.... Do you have any suggestions? Also, can you recommend a reliable sky digital engineer over this way (Yecla) as we may need a new LNB, it's a bit antique.

8th March 2011, 09:28 PM
If you must do it, you must have a basic beeper, and the digitbox and portable TV next to the dish so you can see any changes on the screen, rather than running upstairs and downstairs and inside and out all the time.

If you are getting nothing at all on your basic beeper (does it have any sensitiving controls or not as you may have to increase that for the weaker BBCs channels) then your dish is not getting the channels at all. Remeber that even a small move,ment on the dish here on earth means a few hundred kms diifference in the skies....

Sounds like your dish need a proper retune with a pro meter (rather than just wiggling the dish, as thats not very accurate!) and maybe a new LNB. LNBs tend to only last about 3 to 4 years before you get a noticable drop in performance.

Sorry, I dont know of any engineers in your area, let along any that I would be able to recommend, and you are outside of my service area.

9th March 2011, 09:11 AM
Yes, I have a basic bleeper (it worked perfectly last time and appears to be working fine now) It's not such a big deal running up and down the stair, I don't have a spare TV knocking around so I guess i'll just carry on running.
If I set my digibox to channel 4, then go check the dish I get a very strong reading on the basic bleeper, very strong, even with sensitivity turned down low. If I set the digibox to BBC1 channel 987, then with the sensitivity set up high I get a very weak signal. Knowing that even the slightest movement of the dish will have a significant effect at 40,000Km away, i applied pressure ( to the dish in each direction but noticed no change in signal strength.
In your experience, have you ever seen a scenario whereby a faulty LNB can lose BBC but not the other channels, i'e ITV, Channel4, Channel 5, etc?

Thanks for your help

9th March 2011, 07:11 PM
Which C4 are you using for your alignment?
C4 on 104 (ie C4 UK) is on a similar frequency to BBC2 England, and is on Aatra 2d.
Irish C4s, on frequency 12480, are on a different satellite (astra 2a) to their free to air UK counterparts, and this satellite is much (much much) stronger than Astra 2d. So if you are using the irish C4s for alignment then you are not aligning your dish to Astra 2d (which carris BBC1/2), but to Astra 2a, another satelite in the same constellation. This would account for the reason why you are getting a strong signal for C4 on your beeper, but nothing when you try BBC channels. So using Irish C4s on 12480 will not help at all in aligning for BBC channels,

In a similar way, it depends which of the ITV1 regions you are getting, the astra 2d horizontals, astra 2d verticles, astra 2a norhts, or astra 2b souths, the latter two being very strong but require a sky card.

And in a similar way, with Five. There are 4 regions for "Five". Three are free to view, require a sky card, and can be received 24/7 on an 80cm dish. The free to air version is on the same frequency as BBC2 England, and even 2.4m satellite dishes can struggle to get this 24/7.

So it may not be a question of faulty LNB, but the fact you are getting the much stronger free to view versions of those channels, but are still unable to get Astra 2d which carries the free to air versions of those channels, and which also carries BBC.

9th March 2011, 07:35 PM
I'll find out which versions I've been tuning into and come back.
I tell you what, all this is far more technical than people think. You must read, read and read some more to keep up on all of this.

Thanks for your help, be back soon.

10th March 2011, 09:30 AM
Hey, the C4 we are using is on frequency 12480, and to get ITV we use the same system by adding channels, so we don't get ITV on the normal menu we have to go, Services - Other channels, and we get ITV channel IS.
In the other hand when I go to signal test what I got is not signal strength or signal quality, and the lock indicator is NOT LOCKED, before we did and we had all the channels including E4 and More4 now we don't seem to get any of them.
What do you think is the problem and how do you think we can fix it.
Thanks for your help
Maria (Deans Wife) http://www.satandpcguy.com/forum/images/icons/icon12.png

10th March 2011, 02:20 PM
So using the C4s and ITVs on other channels is ont a good idea to use them for aligning a dish, as they are so strong and on different satellites to the BBCs.

But as you are getting ITV1 Channels Islands, then your dish is not too far off BBC channels, as they are on the same satellite and similar frequencies.

Do, try and align your dish well using your beeper and ITV1 CI. Then swicth to BBC1 Wales and continue fine tuning.

Do not do this between 1030 and 1130am as the signal is being weakened as the sun is right behind the UK TV satellites and is swamping the weak signals.

Forget about the signal test screen on a sky box. That measures one frequency and one frequency only - the north beam frequency of 11778. It is weakest at 5pm, so if you looked at this at 5pm and said not locked then I am not surprised. if you looked at it at 10am then it should be OK and locked.

28th March 2011, 09:28 PM
Latest update
We have a new lnb which is set to astra 2d but we still do not get itv or bbc. Since changing the lnb we did a new installation and the signal and the quality are nearly to the top, about 85% this is with the frequency 12.129, do we have to change this?? The guy that installed the lnb is a local Spanish antenna and satellite engineer and This is the first British dish setup he has done. He wants to know which frequency we should be tuning to, is it 12.129?.


29th March 2011, 10:12 PM
Changing the default frequency of a Sky box is only required to help a sky box boot up.
A New installation is only required (in the UK) for activation of a brand new sky card. It does nothing if done for anything else.
12129 is one of the strong signals and that allows the sky box to get the basic information it needs to function.
12129 can be received on a 60cm dish over most of Spain it is that strong a signal.
It only carries a few channels, one being S4C.
So 12129 should not be used for aligning a dish for BBC channels - unless you only want BBC News channel.
If you want to align your dish to BBC and ITV then chose one of the 10 or so frequencies on Astra 2d that BBC and ITV use....

He should have these available in his meter already. If he are using a basic beeper and TV screen and your sky box to align the dish then he should not be doing the installation / alignment at all.