View Full Version : HD Viewing in Spain

12th August 2010, 06:19 AM
I am using the simple system of a small (100cms) dish with a digi box and white card and so receive BBC News, Sky News, channel 5, ITV1 and a few other programs.
I have a 42" LG Plasma TV. Is there any way I can have HD viewing with this set-up or with any other 'add-on' bits and pieces in the Costa Blanca area - other than with a blu-ray dvd player?
Suplimentary question - with the winter in mind what is the most simple way to obtain more programs - or to download them and play later? I have tried Vuze and bit torrent but just get confused with trying to use those.

12th August 2010, 07:32 AM
Hi and welcome.
Inorder to view HD transmissions you MUST have a HD receiver / device.
So either a HD / Bluray DVD player for HD DVD discs, or a HD satellite receiver.
If you have a freesatfromsky card, and a Sky hd box, then, on your dish, you will be able to receive ITVHD, C4HD and Five HD.
You will not be able to get BBC HD.
To get more programmes, you can either subscribe to Sky TV (you will get about 50-75% of the channel you subscribe to on your dish size), or continue downloading.