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18th March 2010, 09:01 PM
Well, justs spent a (LONG!) day in Valencia - at Fallas time......

Train from Gandia to Valencia was very crowded, lucky we opted to go from Gandia and not do the usual of pick the train up at Xeraco! By the timethe train was at Valencia Nord, "Sardines" sprang to mind....

Anyway, here is some what we saw:


Ayuntamiento Fallas - unusually it did not win 1st!!! One just beside the train station did!

The aftermath of todays Mascletą - we were in a different location that we normally are, and the "bangs" did not sound as loud as they normally do...will have to change that for next year!


The the parade starts, nice to watch, but bloody annyong as you cannot cross the roads / procession, and if you can only at certain points, and of course the procession has priority....you do get "comfy" with new friends in the crush!

And toward the end of the procession, the flowers built up into the display

And the costumes are stunning, and everyone tales part (Cue - ahh cute!)

Also had a very nice lunch at a small place we found - its very close the the townhall square...called the Ginger loft - http://www.thegingerloft.com - first time i have had hummus, but only seats 45 people, it is cosy, and good atmosphere, and their cheesecake is to die for!

Gandia tomorrow - dont know if i will be staying for the "crema" but you never know!

19th March 2010, 11:36 PM
Mascleta en Fallas 2010 en Valencia de Canal Nou - TVV - 19 Marc 2010

Mascleta from the Fallas 2010 in Valencia by Canal Nou - TVV - 19 March 2010


25th March 2010, 05:02 PM
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/telegraphtv/ ... -fire.html (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/telegraphtv/7511280/Las-Fallas-Spains-festival-of-fire.html)

Is Las Fallas the world's loudest, most apocalyptic festival? Telegraph Travel goes to Valencia in Spain to find out.

A pall of gunpowder smoke envelops Valencia town hall square and I am not sure if my eardrums will make it. Somehow the volume moves up a notch, from epic to cataclysmic, as a new wave of explosions rips low across the plaza. I consider fleeing indoors then opt for a more valiant approach, sidling behind a turret in a futile bid for protection from the wall of decibels crashing around me.

The smoke thickens around the centrepiece of the square, a giant, rainbow-coloured effigy destined for a fiery demise at the culmination of this Las Fallas festival. Another choreographed blast is triggered. A grey fug now cloaks everything before me apart from the bat-shaped gargoyle etched into my temporary shield, the sandstone turret, before, finally, the explosions reach a crescendo.

And has a rather good video about the fallas