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26th April 2011, 10:44 PM
When I was in spain last week, I had an 80cm dish with an old lnb, a rude man from LXX Satalites came down and plugged in a spainsh HD receiver and suddenly we had ITV but not channel 4. He belived that the cabling was at fault, he said that there was no point putting a 1.45 dish up as I would not get a better signal than what a 1.2 m dish would give me, so I asked my neighbour who owns a electrical store to install a 1.2m dish and a 0.3 invacom single LNB.

I had taken my Pace 2600 with a full sky subscription apart from sports on my receiver I did not get these channels I do not get ITV and channel 4.

If I was to add the HD package to my Sky subscription for when I come back to spain in July would that open up more channels for me to watch. I really want to get more movie channels if possible THE MRS WOULD LOVE TO GET corrie :)

What receiver would you recommend I use ? What LNB ?

I read somewhere that there is now a Sky HD box that has a better tuner the the pace 2600c1.

I believe I need to run a new Cable into our apartment as the weather has caused the cable to become brittle I replaced the cable from the dish until the point it disappers inside the building. The dish is located on the roof of our apartment block which has 5 floors with are on the 2nd floor, the run is less than 50 metres.

Based on this information what would you do to help me. Some people say that unless you have a 2.4m dish there is no point trying. Do you think that running a new cable with better quailty cable and fine tuning the LNB Skew would to get me more channels.

I read on your website that ITV is no longer available, however on the box from LNB satalites we saw ITV.

I would love to get some of the premium Movie channels back.

Please advise.

27th April 2011, 07:44 AM
Hi and welcome.
An 80cm dish in you area will get some ITV1 channels - defintaly those on frequency 11973, and maybe those on 12402.
You will not get the English free to air versions tho - you need a big satellite dish for them.
Ona Sky box, you may not get the ITV1 regions you are allocated on 103, so you have to manually add them to your "services other channels" list
http://www.satandpcguy.com/Site/itv_channel_4_four_five_small_dish_costa_blanca_sp ain.php
Adding the ITVs on frequency 11973 and the missus can see corrie.

The English C4s require a big satellite dish to receive, and even then they may not be available 24/7. The irish sky card versions of C4 are on 12480, and it may be in your location that you cannot treceive this channel on your sized dish.

Most (if not all) Sky movie channels are on a tricky to receive North beam. Even some 2.4m dishes can struggle to receive these, especially when the signal is at the weakest at 5pm, and so your 80cm dish will not get them at all. Upgrading to a Sky HD package will get you about 50% of the Sky Movie HD channels, as they are spread over these north beams (tricky to get), and south beams (easy to get). SO you may not be able to get Movies Premier on your current dish, and even then it may nt be available on a bigger dish (Sky Movies and Sky Movies HD are both on these north beams!)

If you want to use your Sky card, then for smaller dishes most SKy receivefrs will do. PAce 2600 are excellent for Big dishes as they keep signals that are weak in for longer. But on an 80cm dish a good receivcer can only work if the dish is big enough to receive the signals in the first place. For HD the new slim Amstra boxes are great.

Invacom singles offset for 80cm dishes are not that good. Look for an inverto ultra black twin. The skew of the LNB is critical, but then, it cannot really magic channels that your dish is just too small to receive.

You find that most HD boxes have a much more sensitive tuner than the SD boxes.

If the cable is brittle, then it is cracking and can cause all sorts of issues if water / rain gets into the cable, as it can short the cable, LNB and receiver. Get it replaced as soon as possible, and try and get it placed in the areas of least sun / in shadows.

I read on your website that ITV is no longer available, however on the box from LNB satalites we saw ITV.
The ost says ITV1HD is not longer availabl on small dishes, not ITV1SD.
ITV1 regions on frequency 11973 are still available on a small satellite dish (with a sky card).

Hope this helps
ITV1 HD used to be on 11973 also, but is no longer on there.

27th April 2011, 09:38 AM
Many thanks for your information, I had mentioned although not very clearly that I have upgraded the dish to a 1.2 will that make any difference ? If i do add the HD channels to the package with that help, I read somewhere that there is an HD receiver that has a more sensitive tuner than the 2600c1, do you know what that is called ?



27th April 2011, 10:51 PM
An upgrade from an 80cm dish to a 1.2m dish will make a small amount of difference, maybe an hour or so in reception of those tricky north beams..but thats all.

ALL HD receivers have more sensitive tuners than their SD versions. Buit getting a HD receiver will not maghically make channels appear if your dish is too small to receive the signals in the first place. The new slimline Amstrad Sky HD receivers are very good, and are a lot more sensitove then the pace 2600 ( but then so are the pace HD boxes, and the samsung HD boxes)