View Full Version : Astra Spain insists on satellite TDT

15th May 2010, 08:00 AM
Astra Spain insists on satellite TDT

Astra Spain has always bet on satellite to cover those areas without DTT terrestrial signal. Now the company's executives said the formula satellite DTT used to guarantee the distribution of digital signals to those regions with little or zero DTT reception avoids an "extreme cost".

José Luis Gárate, Development Manager at the operator, declared "covering the last percentages of population by means of terrestrial technology means too much cost that by the way grows exponentially". The executive underlined the solution proposed to give coverage to the "shade zones" prevents viewers from watching the country’s pay-DTT channels.

Gárate said he considered the decision of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce to opt for the satellite solution to guarantee the total coverage means a "step back" in trying to end the "digital breach" between those having digital coverage and those not.

Gárate also compared the Spanish DTT implementation model with that of France and Germany. He pointed out the French or German citizens have the possibility of accessing to all of the DTT services because, according to him, "there are not restrictions imposed on the signal".

Source: Rapidtvnews