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25th June 2011, 03:01 AM
Hi. This is my 1st posting on this site, so I hope I am doing it correctly. It is also possible I am writing this in the wrong thread.

I am very familiar with the helpfull and informative writing from "The Sat and PC Guy"
over the last few years, and have been saved a lot of hassle as a result of reading his postings, for which I express my thanks.

For my part, I have a question re BBC HD and BBC ONE HD, both of which disappeared from my Sat box ( Golden Interstar GI-S9000CI HD) when they changed frequency in early June. I am on a communal FTA dish owned by the urbanisation where my property is (Playa Flamenca).

I have been searching the Net and found a statement from BBC which among other things said they would be changing these 2 channels from "DVB-S to DVB-S2". on 6/6/2011. However, as my box is already on DVB-S2, I don't understand why the signal has disappeared.

Someone from the company that installed the communal system did a full rescan of the box, and the only difference that made was to delete the names of the 2 channels - i.e. the scan didn't pick them up at all.

The BBC statement said that it was possible to manually retune these channels, The technical details given by the BBC were:

Satellite: Astra 2D tp50
Frequency: 10,847MHz (vertical polarity)
Modulation DVB-S2, QPSK
Symbol rate 23.0
FEC: 8/9

The company technician tried these, but failed because he was unable, as far as I can figure out, to input either the "tp50" or the 8/9 FEC, I'm not sure which. He thought maybe the box needed an upgrade??

I also don't have Channel 4 HD, or NHK live, so I currently have a HD box with only ONE HD channel on it, ITV1 HD. And as far as I know, ITV 2, 3 and 4 HD are currently exclus ORto Sky.

If anyone has any suggestions as to how to restore these channels it would be much appreciated.

I have just come back to Ireland, but will be returning to Playa Flamenca on 15 June.

25th June 2011, 11:33 AM
Hi welcome and thanks for your comments. Much appeciated.

An interesting problem.
Firstly the ITV1HDs are DVBS.
BBCHD and C4HD are DVBS2.
So, asy ou can get ITV1HD and not BBCHD, then I would think that there is an issue with the box, and the fact that it may not really be DVBS2 compaitable. It may need a firmware update to being it upto date - but I have been having trouble locaing an uptodate firmware for that particular model.
I dont have one of those receivers available to try out at the moment.

If you can get Movies for Men, then you should get NHKHD, they are on the same frequency (11224 V), and NHKHD is DVBS, not DVBS2!
If you cannot get Movies for men, then there could be some sort of reception issue on the community system.

The TP50 is the transponder number for frequency 10841.
And some boxes do not allow you to input an FEC and just look for this automatically.