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6th July 2010, 11:30 PM
SALT. Without Salt, where would Torrevieja be? On the one hand, itís a godsend during the winter months, used to melt snow and make roads safer, itís indispensable in the kitchen and for our Fish and Chips plus artisans even make Salt Boats and gift items out of it.

However a negative about living in the City of Salt is the speed that salt can eat through metal, especially cars, plus its newly discovered vice, that of disturbing the digital TV signals transmitted from Torreviejaís own TV mast, across the salt lakes and into Los Balcones and Los Altos areas, to name but a few.

After much fanfare and 80,000 euros later, Torrevieja erected its own Digital TV Mast atop the Aguamed Tower beside the Tourist Office and close to St. Jamie Hospital. 100,000 plus residents and visitors looked forward to a host of new channels, being able to view some of their TV shows in the original language plus better TV reception than previously enjoyed on the old and antiquated Analogue system. All sounded too good to be true and for many living in and around Torrevieja, this has proved to be the case.

Step in Torreviejaís Councillor for New Technology and Foreigners, Pedro Valero. Residents, both international and Spanish had altered him to the problem caused by a combination of interference from the salt lakes and phasing issues from other Digital broadcast masts and he is taking a personal interest in trying to find a solution for the problem.

One possible solution is to erect two new masts, but in these times of crisis and at eighty grand a shot, itís something that was not in the annual budget, but this and alternative answers to the problem are presently being discussed and all are hopeful of positive result in the near future.