View Full Version : International BBC iPlayer iPad app to cost $10 per month

2nd March 2011, 10:00 PM
Further to THIS THREAD ABOUT BBC LAUNCHING AN INTERNATIONAL VERSION IF BBC IPLAYER (http://www.satandpcguy.com/forum/showthread.php?21430-Global-BBC-iPlayer-to-launch-next-year-International-Iplayer-to-start) it has been confirmed that a Subscription based iPlayer app for the BBC Iplayter is to launch this year

The international edition of the BBC iPlayer iPad app is to launch later this year with a monthly subscription fee under $10, Director General Mark Thompson has announced.

Speaking at the Financial Times Digital Media & Broadcasting conference in London today, Thompson confirmed the Beeb’s multinational catch-up service for iPad will launch “definitely this year.”

On the service’s transcontinental iPad release the Director General added the service will cost “a small number of dollars per month, definitely fewer than 10.” For this monthly subscription fee, foreign iPad users will have the same Wi-Fi connected tablet access to the full array of BBC on-demand catch-up content as British-based users.

Expanding on the international fee, Thompson said: "We're exploring internationally what the right pricing and models are... the most important thing is the consumer pricing is right." Looking to forgo the usual b******isation of British shows in the US and avoid the seemingly standard re-branding and re-formatting.

Source: T3