In his appearance before the Joint Parliamentary Control of RTVE in the Congress of Deputies, the acting president of RTVE, Josep Manuel Silva, has warned that the cut set to "serious risk" group "to continue to fulfill the public service and even endangers the existence of such channels or Teledeporte Clan.

The government cut scheduled for this year will be catastrophic and advocated do in two years, which in his opinion, would meet the budget reduction "differently", managing to maintain a public television "quality" and "more cheap. "

The corporation has endured without touching savings retransmissions programming with films like 'Doctor Zhivago', issued on February 23, which, not being his first pass does not represent a cost to TVE, but are projected to handle the management of the house these solutions have their days and in the coming weeks will go waiving certain content at cost, including the Clan series.

The problem with the children's channel, as explained RTVE sources, not the cost of keeping the channel open or RTVE series has not needed to fill the grid, but the fact that each first pass of the chapters these series is a cost for the corporation, which has a budget of 1,000 million euros and the commitments that had already acquired, as the issuance of the Olympic Games can not keep.

In this case, the problem is the high cost RTVE must invest to get the rights to sporting events that fuel this channel. This applies to the rights of the ACB Basketball League, which costs EUR 6 million to RTVE, and you have to negotiate now. The fact of not having these rights would render content to the channel.

In addition to the possible closure of Clan and Teledeporte, pointed as possible consequences of making a cut of these features in a single year, implying a fall in overall audience RTVE channel group, 21 percent of audience between 11 and 13 percent, "relegated" to the 1 to a third or fourth in the ranking of television, with an audience of less than two digits, and the disappearance of great track programs such as 'Learn and Earn' or documentaries of the 2.

According to Silva has advanced in his appearance, RTVE spent 22 million less than budgeted amount in 2011 and ten million less than in 2010.