Spain's Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria has revealed that the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Information Society (SETSI) has brought forward by one year the liberalisation of mobile spectrum.

This spectrum was reserved for broadcasters to use in what has been called the digital dividend until January 2014. The Minister explained that the aims of the department is to increase the competitiveness of the Spanish economy and indicated that the introduction of new technologies like 4G mobile telephony, improves such an ability to compete.

In particular and according to established plans, once carried out after the analogue switch off, frequencies in the 790**–862 MHz bandwidth, corresponding to the radio channels 61 to 69, assigned to television networks will now be used for communication services electronics, in particular mobile broadband


This will mean that, when it happens, you will need to rescan your TDT receivers be able tor eceive some channels, that are omved from frequencies 61-69. In some cases an engineer will need to upgrade or reporgramme any community TV systems