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Thread: Single Feed Mode on a Sky HD box. Set your Sky+HD box to operate on a single cable

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    Single Feed Mode on a Sky HD box. Set your Sky+HD box to operate on a single cable

    A Sky+HD digibox is ideally to be used with two cable feeds from your satellite dish. This allows you to use the full potential of your Sky+HD box, and allows you to watch one channel and record another at the same time.

    However, in some cases, especially in community satellite installations, it may not be possible to have a second cable feeding your Sky+HD box.

    Having only a single cable to your Sky+HD box can cause some problems, such as the "No satellite signal is being received" on screen error message, if you do not tell your Sky+HD box that you are only using a single cable.

    Note that this option is only available on Sky+HD boxes, and not on Sky+ boxes.

    This is the process to set your Sky+HD box into single feed / cable mode.

    Make sure your sky cable is plugged into Dish Input 1

    Press Services on your Sky remote control

    Press 0, 0, 1, Select on your Sky remote control

    This will enter the "secret" hidden Sky Installers Set Up menu on the Sky+HD box.

    The Setup tab will now be highlighted

    Press down on your Sky remote control and highlight the Single Feed Mode option

    Press the Right-Arrow on your Sky remote control and change it from OFF to ON

    Press the Green Button on your Sky remote control to Save the settings

    A warning message will appear informing you that you are changing the Single Feed mode

    Press Select on your Sky remote control

    Your Sky+HD box will now switch-off and reboot.

    Leave the Sky+HD box for a few minutes whilst it reboots

    Press the Sky button and start to use your Sky+HD box in Single Feed Mode

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