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Sky Anytime+ is now available to Sky subscribers on ANY broadband / ADSL package.

Previously the Sky Anytime+ service was only available to Sky Broadband users.

However, it has now been made available to ALL broadband users.

Sky Anytime+ allows you to selects a programme from the Sky library and download it. Within minutes you can be watching your selected programme.

Sky Anytime+ needs to be activated by contacting Sky, either via a phone call or by your "My Sky" account.

You will need to connect your Sky+HD box to your internet router, wait for your account ot be activated, and new tabs will appear on your Anytime menu.

Sky Anytime+ is designed for UK Sky users only. As per your Sky contract you should not be using your Sky card outside the UK and ROI. If you connect your Sky+HD box to the router and download via Sky Anytime+ then it is possible that Sky will notice you are connecting from a Spanish IP address and your subscription may be cancelled. It may be possible to route the SKy+HD box through a PC running a Hide IP address, like Expat Shield, to "fool" Sky into thinking you are connecting via a UK Internet server.