The 2012 Olympic Games in London will be the first in history to be produced in 3D , but the possibility that the Spanish will see them in 3D has yet to be decided.

The group Cinevideo Online, through the Olympics 3D project, is trying to get the London 2012 in 3D on Spanish TV.

The rights of the Olympic Games belong to Spanish television, which became the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for all types of formats and media, for 70 million euros, according to RTVE. These rights include high-definition images and multichannel sound. However, the 3D broadcast media requires different from conventional production, which require additional investment.

This specific cost must be borne by the operators who have acquired the broadcasting rights and want to exercise in 3D, so you should be TVE, should decide to issue the Olympic Games in 3D who would have to bear the additional cost.

One possibility is that TVE use one of the channels that are available on TDT. In that case, the London 2012 Olympics in 3D would be open to everyone to see for free, so anyone with a TV that accepts the stereoscopic 3D in Real D 3D 'side by side' with which they occur, could see the Olympics in 3D.

However, the situation being experienced by the public corporation, after cutting 204 million euros on the contribution that the state gives RTVE through the State Budget has forced the corporation, which had much of committed to its budget this year to pursue a policy of saving, which seems to assume additional costs expected to deliver the Olympics in 3D.

Another alternative is that TVE leasing the rights to broadcast in 3D to another chain that carries. In this case, the contribution to the costs of production that TVE move to the chain, should be added the cost of transfer of rights deemed TVE. The problem is that, even if they had interest in taking 3D with the rights of the Olympics, audiovisual any free channels or occupied with sufficient bandwidth for the needs of 3D TV.

The alternative: Pay TV

Therefore, the only possibility would pay is the spread of satellite and cable. Currently, only Canal + Prisa 3D TV and 3D broadcast features, though it is doubtful that interests you assume the cost required to buy the broadcast rights to TVE and the Olympics in three dimensions.

The London Olympics will be broadcast in 3D for the first time in history. It will produce over 200 hours of programming in 3D covering mainly the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games, and various competitions among which are the athletics and swimming among others. In countries like U.S., Japan, UK, France, Italy, they were able to watch the Olympics 3D.