On Sky boxes, the TV listings used on the Sky Guide are only available on one frequency.
This frequency is 11778 v 27.5 2/3.
This is the only frequency that carries the full 7 day programme listings.

This frequency is on a "north beam" of the Astra 2satellites.
This means that in most areas of Spain this frequency will be unavailable from 12 noon until about 7 or 8pm in the evening.
The weakest time for this signal is at 5pm.

Reception of this frequency also depends on what sized satellite dish you have in Spain.
The smaller the dish, the less chance of receiving the 11778 default transponder frequency you have.
If you are unable to receive this programme listings data on 11778, then when you do to the Sky Guide, you will only have access to limited programme information. Also, some Series link that you programme into your Sky planner may not work.