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Thread: what is required for jaen area of spain

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    what is required for jaen area of spain

    hi ive purchased a property in the jaen area of spain and wanted to know what dish i require to recieve the standard free british tv channels? and can i use my sky card and or box from the uk ?or is there an easier way of recieving tv

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    Hi and welcome

    I have moved your question to a more appropriate sectrion of the forum as it did not really sit will in the "used and second hand dish for sale" section!

    ALL BBC channels, ITV1, ITV1HD, ITV2,3,4, C4, C4HD, E4, More4, Five, Five USA and Five* are all available "free to air" and do not require a Sky card.

    Five HD is the only main channel that requires a card to view.

    At the moment, due to these channels being moved to a temporary satellite, the dish size required now, and maybe until the beginning of next year is smaller than previously requried. In many areas a 1m dish will suffice, in others a 1.25m dish is required, where as before 1.8m and 2,4m dishes were required.

    But with the launch of 3 new UK TV satelliese over the next year or so, future reception is unknown, and it may be that a dish you buy today will not be able to receive these channel come next year.

    Yes you can bring a sky box and card with you. It will receive whichever channels your dish can receive. But note that in some areas of Spain not all channels are available 24/7 even on 3.1m dishes! But again this may change, for the better or worse, in the next few years.
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