The London 2012 Olympics proved to be digital gold for the BBC, with a record-breaking 200m viewing requests for shows on the iPlayer in August.

Usage of the BBC iPlayer video-on-demand service in August broke a slew of records – most monthly show requests, most requests per week, most users per week and most usage over mobile and tablets – as Olympic fever gripped the nation.

Live viewing also hit an all-time high, accounting for a third of the 151m iPlayer requests to watch TV shows in August – the proportion of live versus catch-up TV viewing is typically less than 15% of the total.

Overall, there was a record 196m requests to view TV and radio programmes on the iPlayer in August.

The opening ceremony on the 27 July was the most watched with 3.9m requests, followed by the closing ceremony on the 12 August with 2.11m.

There were a record 22m viewing requests using the iPlayer's TV and radio services on mobiles in August – and 17m on tablets – accounting for almost a fifth of programmes requested across all platforms.

Mobile usage was up almost 30% compared to July, tablet usage was up more than a fifth.

A record was set for most TV requests in a week, 51m, and users of the iPlayer service in a week, 11.5m, on the week commencing 30 July – the first full week of the London 2012 Games.

England's Test match cricket series against South Africa knocked the Olympics off the top spots on the radio iPlayer, with three editions of Test Match Special dominating the August chart of most requested radio episodes.

BBC 5 Live Olympics took the fourth and fifth most popular spots, with less than 100,000 views each.