bskyb has introduced a family of blue monster characters in its latest humorous ad campaign to promote its Sky+ recording service.

The campaign, which launched on Friday (24 September), includes outdoor, TV, press, radio and online and has been created by WCRS.

The sitcom-like TV ad features the Spenglers, blue furry characters who are similar to the monsters from the blockbuster 'Where the Wild Things Are'.

Using the strapline "More Family Time" the ad shows the Spenglers, who have recently moved to England, attempting to be British by shopping for groceries in a supermarket, instead of using their usual method of obtaining food by "eating the neighbours".

The younger son is heard mocking his older sister for missing 'America's Next Top Model'. However, it is pointed out that is has been recorded using Sky+.

The next ad to break this week will be called "First Day At School". Like its predecessor it will bring to life the key benefits of Sky+, such as the Pause or Series Link functions.

Sky will launch its first European 3D channel on 1 October. It will include a mix of film, sport, including Premier League action, and arts programming.

The channel will be available to households with Sky+HD and a 3D ready TV, with no set-top-box upgrade necessary or a separate package for those already subscribed to Sky’s top channel and HD pack.

Source: campaignlive