I hope this is the correct place for my query. I have not posted for some time but over the past few years, my community has had a satellite system put in place. It has a 1.9 Famaval dish for 72 properties. I had my own dish also 1.9 which due to it being installed down my chimney had to be removed as I need a fire installed.

So I reluctantly joined the community system, but I am using my own Humax Foxsat HD box, and not the box the installers are selling to us. I was connected to the community system for Spanish Freeview and was horrified when the installer cut my Spanish Freeview cables. I was receiving both UK Freesat TV through my Foxsat box and via a Spanish HD box Spanish HD Freeview.

I have spoken at length to the installers who informs me he needs to put (I apologise for my lack of knowledge or understanding at this point) a duel splitter on to the end of the Freesat cabling which will enable me to receive both signals through the one cable. Not sure how this would work as they are different systems with different receivers, one a Sat dish and one an aerial.

I asked how would I be able to receive both satellite and Freeview signal and how would I transmit this to my TV, he suggested I used the Loop connection to connect the aerial to both boxes, but a Foxsat box does not have a loop connection although the Spanish TDT box does. Would I be able to connect the one cable coming from my internal junction box to first the Spanish TDT box and then via the loop connect to the Foxsat box and be able to receive both Freesat signal and Spanish Freeview?

Sorry to go on but am totally at a lose as to how this could work.

One other point since joining the community system I have lost some channels that I used to receive from my own Dish in particular the radio station Gold and some other residents do receive this station. Does this suggest that the dish is not correctly aligned or is there some real glitch in this community system?

Many thanks for any help you can give