YouView - Can you receive UK YOUVIEW IN SPAIN?

Simply the answer is no!

YouView is simply an extention of the UK Freeview service. That is the UK TV service that allows you to watch UK TV channels in the UK via a TV aerial.

As Freeview is not available in Spain, then the "live TV" options will not be available if using a "YouView" box in Spain.

Why can you not receive live uK TV channels using YOUVIEW IN SPAIN?

Quite simply, YouView set top boxes rely on receiving their Live TV channels via the TV aerial. As these siganls are not available to receive in Spain via a TV aerial, then the live TV option of YouView boxes will not be available in Spain.

What would be available on a YouView box in Spain?

As well as live Freeview signal, the YouView box is designed for On Demand services also.

Connected to a router and a minimum requirement of 3meg download, then the Iplayer and on demand services from BBC, ITV 4oD and On Demand fom Five will be available. In the uK.

These services will be blocked for use outside the UK and ROI, so some form of ip address blocking would be required to use these services.

You will only get YouView on YouView set top boxes.

If your set top box does not have the "YouView" logo, then you are not receiving YouView.

Remember; you cannot receive YouView in Spain.

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