Why has BBC News changed to BBC Alba on freesat?



The BBC have moved some of their channels around.
BBC3/CBBC will moved from frequency 10773H to frequency 10817V.
BBC News will moved from frequency 10803H to frequency 10817V.
BBC Alba and BBC1 NE&C will moved from frequency 10817V to frequency 10803H.
BBC4/CBeebies will moved from frequency 10803H to frequency 10773H.
BBC Red Button stream 1 will moved from frequency 10954H to frequency 10773H.

These changes should be done automatically by Sky and Freesat receivers

If these chanes have not happened on your Freesat box, or Sky box, then simply reboot the box by unplugging it from the power for 30 seconds.

Some Freesat boxes require you to perofrm a new "freesat" channels scan to make these changes to BBC channels.