Further to the news that the BBC HD Channel will be closing, and being replaced by BBC Two HD (http://satandpcguy.com/blog/2013/02/...in-march-2013/) the BBC have released further details for the launch of BBC Two HD.

BBC Two HD will launch at 6am on Tuesday 26 March 2013.

In most cases, BBC Two HD will use the same channel number as BBC HD.

However, Sky HD viewers will see that we are moving to two new numbers, which allows us to put BBC One HD and BBC Two HD next to each other. (We will also move BBC Alba to 143 on Sky so that it is grouped with other BBC channels.)

Freeview HD / YouView

BBC One HD - 101

BBC Two HD - 102

Sky HD

BBC One HD - 141

BBC Two HD - 142

Virgin Media

BBC One HD - 108

BBC Two HD - 187

Freesat HD

BBC One HD - 108

BBC Two HD - 109

BBC One HD, currently on Sky channel 143, will move to Sky channel 141.

BBC Two HD, currently the BBC HD Channel on Sky channel 169, will move to Sky channel 142.

BBC Alba, currently Sky channel 168, will move to Sky channel 143.