We have a small apartment in Torrevieja which we use twice a year for just a few weeks. I have an 80cm dish and a rather elderly (by current standards) Panasonic Sky box.When we came over back over to Spain at the beginning of March, I realised that ITV and the 5's which we could access via "other channels" were no longer available because of their move to a beam centred on the UK. However, quite by accident I discovered I had BBC1 southwest on channel Sky 101. Further investigation showed that I could also get channels 953 BBC1 Northern Ireland, 964 BBC1 South, 965 BBC1 Oxford, and 972 BBC2 Northern Ireland. I also found I could BBC3 115, and CBBC 613. BBC news 24 was also back - that had disappeared the previous October when we were last in Spain. Frankly I was puzzled as I thought all the BBC channels had gone on to the narrower beam along with the BBC radio channels which I used to be able to get.Does anyone have any idea how long this situation is likely to last?
Another oddity is that all the BBC channels and Sky News along with a few of the other channels start pixelating (hope I have spelt that right!) late afternoon and into the evening, but wonder if that is due to the time of year or atmospheric pressure. I did check alignment and all seems well. I did wonder if a better quality LNB might help - I am still using the original basic LNB which has been in use now for almost nine years.
Any comments or suggestions would be gratefully received.