The award-winning American series Homeland is the most watched among the US shows broadcast in Spain, with the series topping 2013's rankings with nearly 10% of audience share and two million viewers.

Homeland, aired by Mediaset's Cuatro, beat The Following, which is on at the same time on Mediapro's La Sexta, leaving the latter with only around 6% audience share.

With an average share of 9.8%, Homeland has the biggest audience of any foreign production, according to data presented by Kantar Media and Mediaset.

However, American series are usually successful with Spanish audiences, and Homeland is not the only one which takes a large share of the audience. Second in the ranking is Castle, also broadcasted by Cuatro, which has a share of 9.6%. The Mentalist keeps pace after several seasons and is still in third position. With a 7.9% share and 1.7 million viewers, the show leads La Sexta's American broadcasts.

The ranking continues with CSI Las Vegas with 8.6% of share and 1.6 million viewers, Elementary (1.5 million), The Following (1.4) and The Walking Dead, which is losing its initial strength but still keeps around 1.3 million viewers.