BT Sport has appeared on the digital terrestrial channel line up ahead of BT Sport's launch on the 1st August 2013.

BT Sport is currently broadcasting a free-to-air preview loop on Freeview channel 57, featuring the recent BT Sport TV advert and a behind-the-scenes feature with Jake Humphrey. Placeholders for BT Sport 1 and 2 are currently on channels 58 and 59.

The channels are using the bandwidth previously used by Sky Sports 1 and 2, which were hosted by BT and available to both BT and Top Up TV subscribers. These channels ceased at midnight.

As it stands, standard definition versions BT Sport 1 and 2 will only be available through an aerial for BT TV subscribers who are outside of the Infinity fibre broadband network. As previously reported, Top Up TV has advised its subscribers to go to Sky to take up their premium sport offering via satellite.

Where are the BT Sport channels available on Freeview?

The actual BT Sport channels – which will be encrypted or scrambled – have bagged channels 58 and 59.

When does BT Sport launch?

1st August 2013 on all platforms