Due to some satellite changes, some UK channels will be moving to a temporary transponder / frequency from September 30.

They will them move again on October 4 to the final destination transponder / frequency and satellite.

For RT-UK SD (Russia Today UK) , this means:

Sky users, and Freesat box users should see the changes handled automatically by set-top boxes, with no viewer action required.

However, people with generic Free-to-Air satellite receivers will have to do a rescan at each transponder change.

RT-UK SD (Russia Today) : Frequency changes:

Until September 30: Broadcasting as now on Eutelsat 28A, 11.623 Horizontal. Symbol Rate 27500; FEC 2/3. (txp D9S)

From September 30 to October 10: Broadcasting on Astra 1N, 12.401 Vertical. Symbol Rate 27500; FEC 2/3. (txp 36)

From October 4 onward: Broadcasting on Astra 2F, 12.610 Vertical. Symbol Rate 22000; FEC 5/6. (txp G8) [NB. Change to Symbol Rate and FEC]