Astra 2E Update : 04/02/14 : UK TV Satellite Update:

It looks, note looks, like some channels from Astra 2A (north and south beams) have been moved to 2E.

So for some sky channels reception in some areas may have changed. In Spain for the better. It looks like 11778 - the sky epg frequency on 11778 has also moved - which is good news for Spain, as there is no need to change the "default transponder frequency" as it is now on a stronger beams! We shall be confirming this during the day, but o far no changes to BBC or ITV channels.

Some channels that used to be hard to receive in the middle of the afternoon even on 2,.4m dishes, because they were on the Astra 2A north beam, are now located on the Astra 2E European beam. Meaning reception of channel like Sky Movies, and some HD channels reception should be better...even on smaller dishes.

Reports are that the following frequencies have moved to the new satellite : 11856V, 11.934V, 11.914H, 12.012V, 11.720H,11.739V, 11.758H, 11.778V, 11.798H, 11.836H. None of these carry BBC or ITV or C4.