Astra 2G Launch Date update

Astra 2G is the third and final new UK TV satellite.

It was expected to be launched earlier in 2014, but this has been delayed by politics (Ukraine situation) and another Proton rocket failure.

Astra 2G is now expected to launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome sometime in Q4 2014, most likely November or December.

This would mean that Astra 2G could be operational in February or March 2015.

Astra 2G is expected to have the same signal footprints for its satellite beams as its "sister" satellites Astra 2E and Astra 2F.

The British expat rumour mill has suggested that Astra 2G will mean expats in the south of Spain (Almeria, Costa del Sol, Malaga) and Portugal (Algarve) that lost their BBC and ITV channels in early 2014 will regain their channels. This is rumour an is not expected to happen.

a) Astra 2G has similar reception to that of Astra 2E and Astra 2F.

b) Why would the BBC and ITV channels move from their Astra 2E satellite to another satellite just to restore reception in south of Spain and Portugal?

Likewise, the rumours and scaremongering by some XBMC / Android box / Brit TV box / Costa Smart TV / IPTV boxes suggesting that this final new UK TV satellite will mean a total loss of all UK TV in Spain are also untrue. Just like it was totally untrue (well for my service area and most of Spain) for the previous two new UK TV satellites!