hi i hope someone can help me out a i am baffled by loss of stations on asta.
i live in central portugal,but did not suffer from loss of stations when astra 2e and 2f came on line ihave a 1.8 mtr dish,2 weeks ago we went away for a short break when we returned we can only get channel 4 and channel 4plus 1 on the new sat.all the old ones sky news pick cbs are unaffected.
no itv bbc etc,the picture on channel is excellent no loss of strengh at all.
now the puzzle for me is that the channel 4s are the irish ones and this is on my old sky box,
i have tried two other freesat boxes one is a telves and a grundig and put in the transponder coes for channel 4 nort ireland but niether box can find them.only the old sky box.
any ideas
thanks in advance